How to Use this Website

Fr. Thomas Dubay, in Deep Conversion Deep Prayer, writes: “There is a gap for most people between prayer and performance. At our devotions we can say sublime things about loving God with out whole heart, and then ten minutes later divide that heart with selfish overeating—or any one of a dozen other petty clingings.”

This website is meant to help you bridge that gap between prayer and performance—to help you not simply desire a growth in virtue, but actually accomplish a growth in virtue.

You can explore on your own, or you can use our 10-Step Guide below to see how you can use this site to help you fulfill the command you hear in the Sacrament of Confession to “go and sin no more.”

#1 Find out your temperament to get started.
#2 If you know your temperament, visit the Habits of Your Temperament page. Click on the sins or vices that you struggle with the most, and print out the tips provided to help you overcome those obstacles. Stick them in your wallet or on your bathroom mirror.
#3 Visit our Struggles with Sin section and click on the sins that you struggle with most (ex. Pride or Lust). You may also want to check out the Struggles with Morality page if you struggle with moral sins, too. Write down one of the sins you want to focus on getting rid of in your life. Explore the articles we have provided for you on these pages, too.
#4 Now, click on the virtues associated with the sin you are struggling with in our Growing in Virtue section. Write down the virtue you want to focus on growing in. Read articles (and print them, too) about that virtue to familiarize yourself with the virtue you want to acquire or practice more deeply.
 #5 Learn about the Sacrament of Confession. This is the surest way to take what you’ve learned so far and apply it to your spiritual, sacramental life. You most especially will want to check out the Five Benefits of Frequent Confession and How to Make a Good Confession.
#6 Prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confession by visiting our Prayer page and printing out an Examination of Conscience.
#7 Go to Confession! You may want to get the iConfess App on your phone to take with you, too!
#8 With the grace from the sacrament now strengthening you, make resolutions to continue to work against the sin you are focusing on and to grow in the virtue that counteracts it. (But what if you’ve confessed this sin 1,000 times?)
#9 Check out the books and audio resources we offer to help you continue to grow out of sin and in virtue. (Are you profiting from your sin?)
#10 Share our website with others, encouraging your friends and relatives to join you on this journey of growing in faith. Perhaps you can make a commitment to be spiritual accountability partners and check in on one another to see how you are doing in your efforts to stop sinning and grow in holiness.