Is Sin Affecting Your Marriage and Family Life?

If you’re like most people, and you’re being honest with yourself, than you are likely to answer an emphatic “yes” to the question of whether sin is affecting your marriage and family life.

There is no such thing as private sin. Sin always affects others, especially those closest to us. C.S. Lewis in his famous work, Mere Christianity, compares Christians living the moral life to a fleet of ships. If one ship is out of order, it is likely to affect the other ships. One malfunctioning ship can easily collide with the others. When our lives are full of sin, that sinfulness has an impact on the people around us, and it can be especially painful when we can see how it hurts those we love most.

So one motive for growing in virtue and growing “out of” sin is that it will improve all of your relationships—your relationship with God, with your spouse, family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintances, and with yourself.

You are made for relationship, and when you are living a holy life, your relationships can thrive, making you feel happy and at peace. This should give you the motivation to make concrete steps today to “get right with God” and become the person He made you to be. St. Catherine once remarked, “If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze.” When you live according to God’s will for you, you will truly set your spiritual life, marriage, family life, and your other relationships on fire!

“in everything we do in this life we are making ourselves the kind of persons we shall be for eternity: loving or hateful, egocentric or outgoing, fulfilled or frustrated, beautiful or ugly, ecstatically delighted or utterly miserable. Here on earth we begin to experience what will issue in eternal ecstasy or eternal disaster.” –Fr. Thomas Dubay, Deep Conversion Deep Prayer

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“People who don’t repent will come to resent.” –Dr. Scott Hahn

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