Take a moment to read these powerful testimonials from your fellow Christians on the journey who have found grace, healing, strength, and peace through the Sacrament of Confession. You can reap these rewards, too!


"The sacrament of reconciliation helped me to realize God’s profound love and that I am his beloved son. It is why I am seminary today."


“My humility has grown leaps and bounds. Pride has shrunk. And I LOVE that!!”


“When the priest speaks the words ‘your sins are forgiven, go in peace,’ every time I feel light-headed, as if all my sin is being extracted and then this feeling of happiness and grace follows you wherever you go.”


“The Devil often tempts me to give up, throw in the towel. But no matter how many times I fall, and boy some weeks are worse than others, I pray for a continued growth of TRUST in His Divine Mercy. And that he would increase His Mercy in me.”


“As an adult convert, I’ll never forget the feeling of my first confession and absolution. I’d never felt such peace and unconditional love.”


“As Father prays the prayer of absolution…I feel the weight of the world lift off my shoulders and am filled with joy! I feel healed, cleaned and renewed.”


“Confession is such a deep personal spiritual experience…long periods of time without it can be excruciating.”


“I am back [in the Catholic Church]! Went to confession and received at Mass and feel great!”


“I am not a regular at the confessional…haven’t been for years. I am feeling a strong calling to return. I am a practicing Catholic, but know that participating in this sacrament is important to my spiritual life. First though I know that I need to recognize that I am a sinner. In our culture, sin is a word that is not spoken anymore, as if it doesn’t exist. I think the first step is to acknowledge my sinfulness and then ask the Holy Spirit for guidance to receive the grace of this sacrament.”


“Definitely notice that I’m better able to resist temptation in the future for some of my more habitual sins after receiving the grace of this Sacrament.”